Elk River Kozy Kamp Cabins

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Location  Location: Elk River Floats & Kozy Kamp

Spend the Night in a Cabin in Pineville, MO

If you’re looking for a great place near Noel, MO, to spend the night, these cabins are perfect. Kozy Kamp Cabins are sleeping platform cabins on stilts. Their unique look and placement near Elk River make them a perfect place to stay the night for easy access to the river. They are equipped with air conditioning; what else could you possibly need? Simply bring your sleeping bag or air mattress for a good night’s sleep!

While you provide the bedding, linens, and utensils, our Kozy Kamp Cabins in Pineville, MO are well worth it! The raised platform and balcony allow you to get the best view of the Elk River, and some of these cabins come with a private bathroom. Book now!