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Elk River Water Levels

How to use this page

Use this page’s information to find the current river level and our corresponding watercraft/paddlers permitted at that level. The below graph shows the current gauge height of the Elk River in our location in a 24-hour period. Below the USGS gauge height graph is a key for each of the float trips we offer – full, upper, or lower. Note the current gauge height and then find your trip key (full, upper, or lower), to see the watercraft & paddlers we permit at the current gauge height.

Steps to find watercraft permitted at the current river level

1. Find the current gauge height on the USGS gauge height graph below
2. Find your float trip’s gauge key (full, upper, or lower trips)
3. In the row corresponding to the current USGS gauge height, note which watercraft we permit at the current gauge height
4. If you have booked watercraft or have members that are not permitted at the current gauge height, please give us a call

USGS Gauge Height Graph

USGS Water-data graph for site 07189000
The right-most point of the blue line corresponds with the current gauge height shown on left side of the graph

Gauge Height Key

Gauge Height Key